feeling stuck? take a psychedelic trip with “in kind”

April 7, 2020

We asked our talented creative AFROPUNK community to submit their work to our platforms and boy did we receive. Lucky for us – this community is filled with artists who are bound for the top, it is just a matter of when.

Proved time and time again and made especially obvious in these times, music is a saving grace. Discovering new talent has been a productive way to hold onto hope during this overwhelming period.

Take a page from our book and lose yourself in the music of In Kind, a musician who can remind you of the good stuff.

Tell us about your musical style.
I kind of consider myself one of the many weirdo laptop auteurs of this generation, who don’t really fit into any of the existing categories. Still, most of my work is a meditation and reinterpretation of the blues that runs through me. Around the year or so it took to make this project I was heavy into synth funk but I never really end up where I plan. Some of that made it through in the sound of the work but it was just as influenced by the paintings of Abe Odedina, the writings of Baldwin, Jorge Borges and Isaac Asimov. Borges really set me on thinking about the alternate reality of an unfettered Black world. I think that was the picture I tried to paint with ‘From a Star’.

Who influences you?
I think I’m addicted to listening to music I’ve never heard before, whether it just came out or a deep cut thats new to me – something about the surprise of every sound on an unheard song. So I’m always revolving through a changing cast of things to listen to. From Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replica to Cocteau Twins to Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants. Always Stevie Wonder though.

How can people support you?
I have cassettes of my latest project available through bandcamp and new merch shirts available just hit me up on instagram 🙂 My friends and I are also dropping an earth day compilation tape on cassette and digital with proceeds going to environmental orgs! Look out for that on Earth Day (April 22nd).