yves tumor & diana gordon set the world ablaze

March 10, 2020

Could Yves Tumor turn out to be rock music’s last hope? Or at least one of rock’s last hopes? Though you’ll often see their music categorized as “experimental” or “noise” or “electronic,” the lighters-in-the-air vocals and the power chords of the rousing new single “Kerosene!” say otherwise. If there’s anyone who could restore the feeling to a moribund genre like rock, it’s Yves Tumor, whose David Bowie-like dedication to evolving sounds and ever-changing visual aesthetic make them one of the most exciting artists to watch.

“Kerosene!” is a duet between Tumor and singer-songwriter/secret weapon Diana Gordon (check Lemonade‘s credits). It begins as a sweet back-and-forth between masculine and feminine voices, offering up love and devotion, before exploding into a stadium-sized, rock power ballad. When Gordon begins wailing in her verse, she brings out the ’90s alt-rock vocals that would make Linda Perry proud.

“Kerosene!” is the second single from Yves Tumor’s forthcoming album Heaven To A Tortured Mind,┬ámore proof that we need to be tapped in on April 3rd when the album is released on Warp.