run the jewels ain’t hiding from nothing

March 23, 2020
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We always chat about what is old-school AFROPUNK and what is new-school AFROPUNK — and we know y’all do, too. And Run The Jewels is definitely for the anarchist, three-chords-and-the-truth heads — for “back in the day, rappers were spitters” heads — for the “blow it up before it dies” heads. And so, “Yankee and the Brave,” the newest drop prefacing Killer Mike and El-Producto’s upcoming RTJ4 album, is exactly what you’d expect: snarling fury, full of heavy-boot-stomping one-liners many of us wish we could throw at the idiot in the White House every time he steps up to the podium for his daily COVID-19 pressers and lies to the world. Just before punching him in his orange f*cking face. “Immortality’s out of bounds, this a one-round ride” = we’re all going out, but if we do, best die on your feet than on your knees.

RTJ4 is coming. When? Stay tuned!