premiere: ninjasonik do it for the “hoolies” in new video

March 25, 2020

When you think of the diverse and vibrant NYC cultural scene of the early aughts that helped birth the AFROPUNK Festival you have to think about Ninjasonik. At the time, streetwear, skate culture, street art, hip-hop, punk, indie rock were converging like never before. Everyone’s jeans got tighter, partygoers began to choose dive bars over nightclubs and art school girls over video vixens.

Ninjasonik’s Telli and JahJah were at the forefront of it all — embodiments of the intersection of the hood and downtown scenes and now, in 2020, they’re bringing back that feeling with the humor, high energy and wild fun that put them on the map in the first place.

Ninjasonik’s new single and video “Hoolies” is proof that raging ain’t dead as the duo link with rappers K-$ace and Coney Island spitter Nems to bring back the PBR and whiskey-fueled vibes of hallowed bars like the Lower East Side’s Max Fish. JahJah and Telli go from couch-surfing to crowded mosh pit as the emcees give us bombastic bars filled with attitude and debauchery — the perfect appetizer to their new album Ninjafucknsonik slated to drop this summer.