premiere: natie finds power in vulnerability in the “hkht” video

March 5, 2020
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With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, Battle of the Bands Brooklyn 2019 semi-finalist Natie is premiering her new video for the song “HKHT.” The track is a meditation not only on a romantic relationship — but also the seldom acknowledged strength in allowing oneself to be vulnerable.

Directed by Jillian Iscaro with top-notch cinematography from Joshua Echevarria, the video conveys the tenderness and emotional nakedness of true love. Natie, the Reunion Island-bred violinist and vocalist, exudes femininity and grace as she performs to the camera and embraces her lover.

“I chose to release ‘HKHT’ around [International] Women’s Day because the music, lyrics, visuals, and costumes were all made by women,” says Natie via email, citing the women that helped bring the video to life including producer and stylist Tina Chen. “The song is about vulnerability. I wanted to express another form of being powerful: allowing someone into my world. I finally accepted that saying ‘I need you’ didn’t make me weak, that deciding to let someone in, and rely on them is an act of courage.” In a world where hurt is so easy to come by letting someone in is indeed an act of bravery.

Look out for Natie’s new EP, In the Key of Fall, featuring “HKHT” and the upcoming single “Gone”, on April 17th.,