hawa’s desire is pure (and deadly) in the “frick” video

March 9, 2020
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If Trey Songz is “Mr. Steal Your Girl” then HAWA is “Ms. Take Your Wife On Your Wedding Day and Bury You Somewhere Where No One Will Find You.”

In her new video for “FRICK,” the latest single from her just-released EP, the ONE, the Berlin-born and NY-bred artist gives us a picture of the extremes that love will take you to. Co-starring artist Aya Brown as HAWA’s gravedigging accomplice and non-binary model/actor Ama Elsesser as her love interest, the Keenan MacWilliam-directed “FRICK” video intercuts tender moments of affection with Elsesser in the snowy woods with HAWA sing-rapping with a shovel in hand: “she a freak, freak, freak/ if that pussy clean then I’ma eat, eat, eat.” From HAWA doing the universal sign for cunnilingus when she delivers that line to her and Ama’s on-camera kiss, the visual is a striking representation of the power of attraction and desire.