modim turns up the volume on yoruba music with “èko méjì”

February 19, 2020
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Modim first came on our radar back in 2015 as a member of the hard rock/hip-hop trio WExHEIRS. His latest track finds the guitarist and vocalist teaming up with Banita from WExHEIRS and Nollege Wizdum alongside production team The Eighth and PesoRich. “Èko Méjì” distills the heavy sounds he honed in his band, with a depth that’s a balm for the sins of nu metal’s past and a splash of Yoruba music from his native Nigeria. But despite the broad range of influences, Modim crafts a tight cohesive sound all his own. From the massive anthemic hook to the rapped verses and some seriously combustible guitar work, “Èko Méjì” is the sound of an artist truly finding his voice.


Look for more from Modim this summer, and keep up via Instagram @mxdim.