Maya Patterson


liv.e bets on love on “lazyeaterbetsonherlikeness”

February 27, 2020

Liv.e is now two for two in 2020. With her latest song and video “LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness”, the LA-based Texas girl further establishes herself as one of the most intriguing new artists on the R&B landscape, with a hazy love song that’s as notable for its soothing vocal and its fuzzy guitar-driven track courtesy of beatsmith Mejiwahn, as for her poetic songwriting: “I’m still dreaming on a star/Placed a bet that you would come and find me/ Did I lose this game? Did I lose my money?/ Did I lose this game did I lose my honey?” You can almost picture her longingly looking at the photo of her lover, wishing that things work out — but not at the price of her compromising herself. “I can’t play myself because I’m not over you/ I’ma choose myself, I hope that you will choose me too.”

The video, directed Livingston Matthews (aka Pink Siifu) is as lo-fi as the track itself, featuring VHS-quality footage of Liv.e by her lonesome in Los Angeles, vibing, singing into the camera, and repping the “African-American Flag” that David Hammons made famous. All the while communicating a youthful innocence and playfulness that couples well with her wise-beyond-22-years sense of self. Greatly looking forward to Liv.e’s forthcoming album, Couldn’t Wait To Tell You, and to hearing what else she has in store for us.