dave tells the whole black truth at the brits

February 26, 2020
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Go Dave, go Dave, go! 

British rapper Dave made a political statement at last week’s Brit Awards. The 21 year-old rapper is using his fame to call out some harsh truths about his homeland. On the stage of London’s O2 Arena, he performed his hit song “Black,” from the award winning album Psychodrama, which celebrates Blackness, whilst explaining the difficulties and specificity of the Black British experience. 

Since his performance, Dave has been the talk of many British tabloids for his accusations in calling out the British status quo. He altered an already politically charged song, to include a controversial — or, as I’d like to call it, honest — indictment of Britain’s most powerful.

Dave called out Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his racism and included new lyrics, including the refrain “It is racist whether or not it feels racist, the truth is our Prime Minister’s a real racist.” He also brought up the mistreatment of ex-royal Meghan Markle, comparing her situation to Kate Middleton’s. Dave did not forget to bring up the tragedy at Grenfell Towers, which happened because of the British government’s negligence towards council housing, and whose living displaced victims have still been left without accommodation. Coming full circle and recognizing those who came before, Dave gave a tribute to — and called for help for — the Windrush generation, original immigrants of colonial Britain who need support and attention. 

Dave’s performance is being referred to as “the most important performance in the history of the Brits”.