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black men with beards affirm themselves on facebook

February 11, 2020
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“The biggest problem is to not have the ability to walk around the way you chose to look. Being a Black man in America, I have to worry about what image my beard creates,” says Jonathan, a group member of Black Men’s Beards on Facebook. This is one of the reasons Brandon Patton started this group which has 3,000 members who want to learn more about beard grooming but also seek fellowship with other Black men. The conversations span from the concept of self-love and self-care to Black masculinity and identity. This men’s only group is a mix of selfies, memes, grooming tips, wellness challenges (hydration and detox), and how to make your own DIY beard moisturizer when your coin is low. This is community building that is pro-Black, positive and self-affirming.

Check out the interview with Brandon below and the video about the Black Men’s Beard FB Community in action.

Name: Brandon Patton

Occupation: Co-Founder of Evan Alexander Grooming/Black Men’s Beard FB Community Creator.

Age: 35

Star Sign: Libra

What made you create the Black Beard Facebook Group?
I didn’t see anyone on social media who spoke our language and who could relate to us about growing a healthy beard. There wasn’t space for Black bearded men to be vulnerable and learn about self-love. So I decided to create one.

Why is it important for Black men to have a group that focuses on facial hair as a part of their Black male identity?
Beards are the gateway to health. It’s a practice of self-love and when you are a healthy person that loves yourself that can reverberate throughout the community and world.

How does mainstream society view Black men with beards?
Growing a beard can be seen as intimidating. When you are a Black man with a beard it can be seen as a threat to society.

What is the most interesting discussion that has taken place in the group about being a Black man with a beard?
Love yourself. There is healing power in this practice. When masking this mindset with showing men how to care for their beards which includes nutrition, fitness, and mental health.

Do issues of toxic masculinity come up in this FB group?
We propagate self-love, accountability, how to change our conditions, how to love our children and family, how to manifest thoughts and bring them into reality. loyalty, honesty, being a willful thinker.

What type of support or healing occurs in this group for Black men with beards?
Most of the men never received the love from their fathers. So we provide a platform to express themselves and share tools on how to heal from the trauma so they can become more productive individuals.

What does WE SEE YOU mean to you?

It means we see your love, your feelings, your spirit. You are not invisible to us.