various blonde brings light to the “darkest night”

January 9, 2020
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With its psychedelic synth work and intoxicating bass, Kansas City’s Various Blonde crafts music that’s a little bit haunted, a little bit soulful. The group’s new single “Darkest Night” keeps an almost industrial shade on the proceedings, but the song’s energy is far from heavy. There’s an optimism to the lyrics, and an insistence to the groove that keeps the song buoyant, as if frontman Josh Allen and drummer Mark Lomas are trying to cut through the gloom and mire, and just bring folks together on the dance floor.

“The song is about putting aside our differences to make the world a better place,” Allen told us, “because in the end, we’re often just as much alike as we are ‘different.'” Like the best post-punk, “Darkest Night” is haunting, fun, and will leave you shook.

Stream “Darkest Night” exclusively here, and stay tuned for the rest of the 3s1 EP. You can keep up with Various Blonde on Bandcamp.