vampires terrorize philadelphia in this unsettling comic book series

January 8, 2020
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Your father just died. Murdered. Philadelphia detective James Sangster Sr.’s gruesome death brings his son, a small-town beat cop, back home to pay his respects and bury his dad. But along the way, James Sangster Jr. begins to unravel a mystery that ushers him down a treacherous path of untold horrors. Horrors that will shake his most fundamental beliefs to the core. In the city he once called home, the same city which once stood as a symbol of liberty and freedom, locals have fallen prey to government corruption, extreme wealth inequality, brutality, and, now, vampires.

Written by Starz’ American Gods writer Rodney Barnes and with illustrations by Spawn series artist Jason Shawn Alexander, the world of KILLADELPHIA is grounded in reality in the day, but overrun with hungry vampires at night. Are you ready to take them on? Check out issues #1 and #2, here.

“I wanted to tell a story about people who have fallen through the cracks of society,” says writer Rodney Barnes. “Those who dream the American dream but who do so from the back of the line. That is until now. Can they who have been shown little mercy themselves be merciful? We shall soon see. I can’t say enough about Jason Shawn Alexander’s art, which beautifully captures the mood and tone of an American city under siege. And I’m excited for all to experience the horrors which lurk in the alleys and low places of a town we call Killadelphia.”