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‘system k’ is a revolutionary art form of resistance

January 23, 2020
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The best documentaries are about life’s secret stories — the things we never knew existed; narratives unseen, unheard and unimagined.

System K is a visual masterpiece that will blow your mind. Enter Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an African city that is home to 12 million souls. While water and electricity are sparse, there is an abundance of creativity. Kinshasa’s performance artists use found and discarded objects like computer parts, old TV sets, light fixtures, machetes, and bullet shells to create multi-media political statements. The result is simply revolutionary — a powerful mix of reaction and resistance that criticizes government corruption, Western commodification, and poverty.

Director Renaud Barrett uses the vibrant city streets of Kinshasa as the canvas to document this electrifying art scene paired with the masterful Afrobeat soundtrack by the Congolese musicians Kokoko!

System K is pure magic steeped in the reality of a war-torn country — beautiful, provocative and resistant.


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