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nyc’s 5th annual “mlk now” was a star-studded celebration

January 21, 2020

The annual MLK NOW celebration produced by Blackout for Human Rights and sponsored by Color of Change, at Riverside Church in Harlem has become unique gathering of celebrities and thinkers, bringing their star-power and mindfulness to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. It features a program built on exchanging ideas not hollow tributes — and this year was no different.

Here was writer Ta’Nehisi Coates and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discussing what Dr. King labeled as America’s three sins (war, racism and poverty). [starts around 1:35] There was a great trio of film director Ryan Coogler, NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, and MC/activist J Cole talking about the life expectancies of Black men. [starts around 3:04] And here was Coates back to interview writer/editor Hannah Nikole Jones about her massive ‘1619 Project’ and what Black American pride means. [starts around 4:01] Well worth your time.