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haleek maul warns us not to “get2high” on new single

January 29, 2020
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“Whatever you do don’t get too high,” Bajan rapper Haleek Maul cautions on the chorus of his new song. Indeed, too much of anything makes you an addict and mastering one’s high is imperative whether that high comes from a vice like drugs or something as virtuous as love itself. The ethereal, shimmering synths and loping bassline courtesy of producer Sega Bodega are apt accompaniment for Haleek’s descriptions of “All the sun is beamin’ in my eye/ I can’t save you even if I tried.”

The emotional song is indicative of the direction Maul is taking on his forthcoming debut LP, Errol which drops on Lex Records on February 28. “‘GET2HIGH’ is me reflecting on indulgence, be it positive or negative,” Maul explains. “I’m also trying to remind myself that nothing is forever and you have to be prepared for things to change and move forward, knowing you’ll be alright.”