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watch ‘dispatches from elsewhere’ trailer, starring andré 3000

January 17, 2020
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Remember when André 3000 was seen playing the flute around Philly? Well, now, we know why! The ATLien’s newest endeavor, Dispatches from Elsewhere finally dropped its teaser trailer for the upcoming AMC series. And it appears that those flute scenes had something to do with the show.

A mystery-drama series, Dispatches from Elsewhere follows a group of four “secret agents” who are participating in a social experiment with the goal of unveiling secrets within our society. “I know you think that I’m crazy,” André tells us, the viewer, in the most recent teaser. “And perhaps, that is not untrue. But I’m also right.”

“We have believed that we are playing a game. It is a distraction, clues are all around you. Please,” Andre begs. “Help me solve this puzzle. It is your duty. Say yes.”

Hell yes! Take the plunge, below!

Dispatches from Elsewhere will premiere on AMC March 1.