surreal perfection: there’s a new flying lotus & denzel curry video

December 3, 2019

At this point Flying Lotus (aka FlyLo, aka Steven Ellison) has unequivocally established himself as one of the preeminent beat-smiths of our generation. Occupying the space between Dilla and Aphex Twin, his densely layered textures and urgent beats pull off the unique magic trick of being equal parts cerebral and emotional. Denzel Curry meanwhile is having a hell of a year. The tireless MC started the year off with an epic cover of “Bulls On Parade,” before dropping his fourth album, Zuu, quickly becoming an AFROPUNK fav.

Curry’s latest collaboration with Flying Lotus, from this year’s Flamagra, is the sort of track dreams are made of. His deft verses bring out the best in FlyLo’s beat, set against Jack Begert’s haunting and expressionistic imagery. Growing up on punk rock, I’m skeptical of any song that runs longer than 2 minutes. The video for “Black Balloons Reprise” left me desperate for at least another verse. Here’s hoping we can get a full album of Denzel Curry / FlyLo collabs in the not too distant future.

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