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80-year-old scholar makes history at alabama a&m

December 27, 2019
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At 80-years-old, Donzella Washington is making history as the oldest graduate in Alabama A&M University’s 144-year history. And she did so with 4.0 GPA FFS!

Having dreamt of finishing college for decades, Washington has been working towards her bachelor’s degree in social work for a long time. Originally from Los Angeles, Washington and her husband Jeff have fostered 30 children over the years — including six siblings the couple refused to see split up.

Following the 2010 passing of her husband, Washington moved to Alabama with her daughters, where she now lives. “I want to inspire and motivate others that age is not a barrier,” Washington said to Good Morning America. “And I want to emphasize the life between the dash.”

Congratulations, Dozella! Here’s an interview that the Alabama A&M-based radio station WJAB did with Ms. Washington to celebrate her achievement.