Christian Högstedt


algiers return with “void,” a punk anthem for 2019

December 9, 2019

It’s always a good day when post-punk/soul outfit Algiers drop new music — but this time singer/guitarist Franklin James Fisher and company have seriously outdone themselves. Their latest, “Void,” is a blistering punk anthem, a desperate plea for solutions set to their most visceral music to date. “Got to find a way / To get out of this” Fisher shouts, his voice cracking through the chorus. Even on their quietest songs, Fisher always seems like he’s on the verge of combustion. His antic yawps give the music a sort of apocalyptic fury even at its most introspective. Here, the band blows all that up, releasing the tension that’s simmered under their music since their debut. And holy shit is it glorious. With only a few weeks to go in a very strong year for punk, Algiers may have just dropped the best punk rock single of 2019.

There Is No Year drops January 17th on Matador. Keep up with Algiers on Instagram @algierstheband