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zebra katz brings us back to the ballroom with “in in in”

November 14, 2019
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“Genre-non-conforming with a kink for hip-hop” is how Zebra Katz describes his “IN IN IN” playlist on Spotify, but that clever descriptor can apply to his approach to music, too. Back in 2012 he shook shit up with the ballroom-inspired raps of his viral hit “Ima Read” which saw scores of remixes, ended up soundtracking a Rick Owens Fashion show, and launched a music career that took him around the world. Now, two years after featuring on Gorillaz Humanz album, Zebra Katz is readying his new project, MOOR, and his new track, “IN IN IN,” is giving us a taste of where he’s at.

On the song, ZK brings it back to the ballroom with haute braggadocio and rapid-fire dancefloor-ready rhymes over a track made for sweating oneself into a nightclub frenzy: “Yo, what it do?! Is it Vogue, GQ or Interview?/ On the runway ready for the shoot/ Glam squad got me lookin’ hella cute/ Yo, I’m in the mood/ No I can’t stand still, I gotta move on the dancefloor I need room.” It’s definitely time to make room for Zebra Katz again.