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regina king claps back: “were you truly a fan of the graphic novel?”

November 1, 2019
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Infuriating white fanboys with her literal kick-assary on HBO’s Watchmen series, Regina King called out their racist attitudes about the show’s subject matter and her as its lead. According to them, this loose adaptation of the beloved graphic novel betrays the source material, namely Rorschach’s alt-right racist, sexist, and homophobic beliefs in the ordinal timeline, but Watchman diving into real-life politics directly. This is very strange considering the “Watchman” comics were extremely political, set in an alternate universe where President Nixon used Doctor Manhattan to win the Vietnam War, but, sure, now its “too political”.

Now, on the HBO series, conservative-leaning ideology and imagery have been replaced by depictions of white terrorism, like the Tulsa Bombings of 1921 and a Black woman as the story’s main hero, trolls and white supremacists alike have been panning the new series. And it’s super annoying.

But, speaking exclusively with, the Academy Award-winning actress clapped back at the so-called fan criticism, asking: “With some people, I wonder if it’s one of two things: were you truly a fan of the graphic novel? Because if you were, you’d realize there was a political story in there. And two, did it feel less political for you because you, as a white man right now, watching this, it’s making you uncomfortable? Which one is it? A combination of both?”