moses sumney is the last man on earth in “virile” video

November 18, 2019

Moses Sumney excels in defiance. Defiance of genre through his compelling and difficult to classify music and the defiance of expectations with his always surprising and artful presentation. With the announcement of his upcoming double album græ, he’s released a short film to accompany its first single “Virile.”

The album is conceptual in that it deals with the absence of absolutes and all the shades of gray that defy a black and white conception of life. The track itself features harps, moody piano chords and Sumney’s signature falsetto that give way to guitar power chords. The video, written and directed Sumney himself, features the singer performing an interpretive dance number that goes from rhythmic West African steps to spastic movement as the track intensifies. According to the video’s description, it “takes place in a post-human world, the last remaining man is caught between Beauty and Brutality’s battle to dominate the earth and his body.”