Kylah Benes-Trapp


madison mcferrin glows in the “no room” video

November 7, 2019
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Ambiguity and unpredictability are features of romantic entanglements that can be equally as frustrating at the end of a relationship as they were enticing at the beginning of the affair.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Madison McFerrin explores the gray areas of love sonically with her new song “No Room” and represents it visually with a calming, colorful music video.

“When did it begin?/ How do we end?” she asks over flourishing and shimmering synths before breaking into one of her signature a cappella runs to further question whether this love will stand the tests of time and distance: “What if we’re not meant to be so far apart?/ Do you think we’ll mend the distance?/ Maybe there’s no difference”

A series of beauty shots featuring McFerrin (and her magnificent Afro) singing and posing by herself and among interpretive dancers convey the beauty of the contradicting emotions.

“No Room” is the latest single from her forthcoming album, You + I which will be released on December 6th and features the usually a cappella and foot pedal sampler-inclined McFerrin over full production and instrumentation.