ho99o9 bring the fierceness to saudade’s hardcore dub

November 8, 2019
90 Picks

Ho99o9 have officially reached the point in their careers where they’ve transcended from being “exciting” to possessing a “Midas touch.” The industrial punk-rock duo has been behind some of the best releases of the last few years, and their immersion into the art-prog-hardcore collective, Saudade, is yet another in an ongoing string of highlights.

“Sanctuary Dub” is a dub-inflected track that mutates between genres, acting as a launchpad for theOGM and Yeti Bones’ vocal pyrotechnics. It’s is aggressive but nuanced, progressive but taut, organic but carefully crafted. For an all-star project full of bold-faced names — “Sanctuary Dub” features Crosses bassist Chuck Doom, noisy guitars from Bad Brains’ Dr. Know and noise avant-garde composer David Torn, keyboards by John Medeski, and drums provided by Weather Report’s Robert Thomas and Dillinger Escape Plan’s Gil Sharone; with members of the Deftones and Cro-Mags also contributing to Saudade — it has a distinct personality beyond the sum of its parts. How many songs contain an epic hardcore breakdown alongside a celestial jazz piano solo? At this point, the only thing Ho99o9 could get involved in that would surprise us, is something boring.

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