black grapefruit dance their way to freedom on the ‘waist’ ep

November 13, 2019
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On their new EP Waist, Black Grapefruit, the genre-blending and bending singer-producer duo of Randa Smith and Brian Dekker, pivot to party music. A little more than a year after releasing All My Relations — a project that dealt with loss, transition, isolation and using them as the fire to forge a new sense of self — Black Grapefruit is back with a new project that is no less emotive than their past work but much more danceable. “This year has been challenging for us and there’s just so much fucking tension around the world,” they say in a statement about the new record. “We’ve been chasing moments of release and freedom — it’s that spirit that drives this project.”

That feeling of release through revelry is felt throughout the five-song EP that brings together elements of R&B, EDM, hip-hop and even Afrobeats-type percussion and house rhythms to create an eclectic brand of pop that works as well on club sound systems as it does on car stereos when en route to the club. Stop scrolling, put down your phone, and dance away your troubles to Waist.