Solution Sessions

afropunk solution sessions: season 2, episode 2

November 20, 2019

You’ve probably heard the expression “on fleek,” but do you know where it comes from? Peaches Munroe, the teenage Vine sensation who popularized the expression that was used to sell everything from Arby’s to Bath & Body Works didn’t get credit for her creative work that became global, viral commercial sensation.

Sadly, she isn’t alone. Black creators often don’t get credit for the cultural work we produce online, and then have to fight to be compensated for it. From the fight for proper credit, to creating boundaries when you’re visible online, Digital Blackness is complicated.

On the second episode of AFROPUNK Solution Sessions S2, we talk to #OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign and digital creator Evelyn from the Internets to take a look at the ways Blackness plays out online, and how Black digital creators can protect (and compensate) for their Black digital brilliance.

Some of the solutions we get into:

  • Becoming educated on intellectual property and copyright law so we aren’t at risk for having our work stolen.
  • Not being afraid to make our own platforms and use what we have to create online content.
  • Talking more openly about the compensation for our work to increase transparency around pay.

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