afropunk & feira preta present ‘black to the future’

November 11, 2019
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AFROPUNK is proud to partner with the Afro-Brazilian festival Feira Preta for a two-night party on November 19-20, 2019, at Audio in São Paulo, Brazil.  The event will celebrate 18th year anniversary of Feira Preta, aka The Black Fair, which is Latin America’s largest Black cultural festival and takes place annually over 20 days in São Paulo.

November 19th and 20th were chosen to coincide with Brazil’s official Dia da Consciência Negra, Black Awareness Day, which also celebrates Zumbi dos Palmares, the most prominent resistance leader against slavery in Brazil during colonial times. AFROPUNK is proud to partner with Feira Preta on Dia da Consciência Negra to celebrate the Black excellence, pride, and rebellion.

The two evenings will include music from the following Brazilian artists:


BaianaSystem is one of the major Black musical groups from Bahia, Brazil. Influenced by Jamaican sound systems, the group amplifies both the sound and the essence of local traditions. It is a sound system that manifests itself on stage, and in the streets, spreading Brazilian music beyond borders. The sound produces a constant dialogue between the Bahian guitar and the singing, led by basslines that complement its frequency spectrum. On top of that, their sound features great percussion (electronic and organic), plus Afro-Latin rhythms such as Frevo, Samba-Reggae, Pagode, Groove Arrastado, Ijexá, Kuduro and Reggae.

Baco Exu Do Blues

Born in Salvador, 23-year-old Diogo Alvaro Ferreira Moncorvo (a.k.a. Baco Exu Do Blues) blew up in 2016, following the release of his track “Sulicídio” which criticized Brazil’s rap scene for concentrating on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and claiming representation for other Brazilian states. In 2019, the Bahia rapper won the Grand Prix of the Cannes Lions festival, one of the most important awards in advertising, with the short film “Bluesman.” The album and film have received a string of awards, generating 20 million YouTube views and a 5X increase in the artist’s monthly Spotify listeners. The film has sparked an important new debate about institutional racism, and inspired a national movement whereby people are identifying themselves as ‘Bluesmen’ in support of Baco Exu do Blues’ message.

Aya Bass

Bearing the name of the female orishas (“yabás”), Aya Bass is a supergroup made up of three of the most talented Brazilian female singers from the new generation: Larissa Luz, Luedji Luna, and Xênia França. The Aya Bass represent the power of Black women with all magic and flow of Bahian music, and Aya Bass aims to call the attention to Black singers, and occupy a prominent place instead of the one they were historically relegated to. With distinct styles and ascending careers, Luz, Luna, and França emerge on the national scene together, making a powerful sound.

Celo Dut, Virus & Young Piva

Recently, Baco Exu Do Blues has begun to introduce new artists to the audience through his label, 999. Celo Dut, Virus and Young Piva are all from Salvador, Bahia the guys from the single “Antes eu corria atrás”. DKVPZ is the duo responsible for much of the “Bluesman” beats arrives firm with “Nega rare”, the next track to be made available by 999.

Karol Conka

Karol Conka, a Brazilian singer from Curitiba, who sings about the feminine strength in society. She blends hip-hop with the tropical traditionalism, delivering uplifting Portuguese rhymes over booming bass lines wrapped around raw percussion, traditional pifano flutes, and samples from the proto-rap improvisational rhymes of repente – all in the service of a good time. Also known as “Mamacita” the Brazilian rapper does not hesitate to make rhymes that raise the self-esteem of Black women.


Producers and DJs from Sao Paulo, making beats for Baco Exu Do Blues’ 999 and globally affiliated with the Soulection movement.


Batekoo isn’t just a party — it’s a movement. Since its creation, it has empowered Black and LGBTQIA youth by creating a safe space Brazil’s marginalized communities. Batekoo has also earned an international audience after having been discovered by media outlets like Red Bull TV.

Black Pantera

Black Pantera formed in April 2014 and in 2015 the group released its first album, which was critically successful in several countries. In 2016, it was invited to play in AFROPUNK Paris, in 2017 it returned to Europe as one of the revelations of Download Fest (also in Paris), presenting itself with some of the biggest rock bands of the planet. In 2018, the band released its second album, Agressão, and launched another huge tour! And in 2019, they declared the era of “Punk Rock Nigga Roll.”

Rincon Sapiencia

MC/producer/entrepreneur Rincon Sapiência is also known as Manicongo. In 2017, his debut album, Galanga Livre, won two trophies at the Multishow Award, which also earned him the title of Revelation of the Year, in addition to being named Artist of the Year by APCA. Since then, he has been touring Brazil and abroad, reaffirmed his artistic versatility in partnerships with artists such as Sidney Magal, Alice Caymmi, Rubel, Drik Barbosa, and IZA. In 2018, he created his own independent label, MGoma, which will release his second album, Mundo Manicongo: dramas, danças e afroreps.

Kiki House of Black Velvet

Black Velvet is a Kiki House of Brazilian Ballroom scene founded on Black Consciousness Day 2018, with the urgency to have representation and promote empowerment of the diversity of Black Women in the Ballroom community.

Aisha Mbikila

Aisha Mbikila Garcia Fikula is a brilliant blend of intelligence rooted in ancient Black wisdom, with hints of Generation Z’s daring charisma, and among Forbes’ “Under 30 in Brazil” list. Aisha is a model, performer, actress and DJ, and the sum of these activities makes her one of the main faces of young Black activism in Brazil. Aisha is also a DJ who collaborates with her cousin, Yaminah Garcia. Their music is a cure that extols culture, especially Afro-Brazilian music. Aisha is also a recurring figure in the music videos of major Brazilian artists, such as the powerful Xenia France, Karol Conka, while sharing her time with photoshoots and her DJ work in various parts of the country and around the world.

Tickets for the AFROPUNK x Feira Preta party in São Paulo are available here.