white teacher suspended after shouting racial slur at black parent

October 15, 2019
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  1. Would you ruin your career for the chance to call someone of another ethnicity a racial slur? No? Me either. But these white folks seem so committed to risking it all just for the chance to use ugly language towards perfect strangers. This time it’s a Pennsylvania teacher named Renee Greeley, who is now on unpaid administrative leave after she was caught on video calling a Black man the N-word after a small traffic accident in the school parking lot.

Confirmed to be a teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School, Upper Darby School District Superintendent Daniel McGarry has assured the public: “We’re going to pursue it vigorously. The next steps are the staff member can elect arbitration”

“It’s got to stop,” McGarry said. “This rhetoric and this language and the way the people feel and the way they communicate has to stop. It’s destroying the country and we’re going to be the place that’s going to prove to people that it can be done the right way.”

Situated in a residential suburb of Philadelphia, the Upper Darby School District is exceedingly diverse with a student population that is 46.6% African American, 31.76% white, 14.4% Asian/Pacific Islander, 5.62% Hispanic and 1% “other”.

In addition to the racial slurs, Greeley a.k.a. Parking Lot Patricia (?), can be heard saying that the man filming is “probably on welfare too.”

The man says, “Not even a little bit. Six figures a year, ma’am. It’s because I’m young and I’m Black, the reason why you would say that.”

Greeley responds, “That’s right, because you’re Black,” she replies, continuing to rub her bumper. The man repeats her words.

“That’s right,” she answers. “Always looking to milk the system. And you see me, a white woman, so you think I got money.”

“Not even a little bit. Don’t even look like you got it,” he responded. “Not even a little bit.”

“Go back to your welfare, to your Section 8 house,” she says. Nice, coming from a woman responsible for teaching dozens of Black children each day. The verbally accosted parent says that his third-grader was sitting in the car during Greeley’s tirade while other children watched from the school.