danny denial keeps making punk alienation into art

October 28, 2019
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Since having our minds (and eardrums) blown by Danny Denial‘s vicious and visceral DEATHHEADS U.S.A. visual EP last year, we’ve been hungry for more of the gothic-tinged queercore that the hard-working Seattle punk serves up. So we’re proud to bring you a double premiere: the video to the icy track, “Am i cool enough for your love,” and the raw new single “White tears fake queers.” (Side Note: is it possible to have a better song title than “White tears fake queers?” Gauntlet thrown.)

The two releases, both taken from Danny’s forthcoming new album, showcase their talent for making alienation into an art-form. Their music often explores the intersections of race and sexuality, in a scene that considers itself radical but routinely coddles white supremacists and sexual predators. Between the disorienting and sometimes euphoric video, and the frantic jagged-edged single, the two tracks cover a wide range of emotions. Fittingly, Danny describes the album as “very much about extremes — how self-perception can lead to narcissism and confusion in a way that’s both manic and depressive.”

They continue: “The video is also the first in a series of seven, in an effort to create a visual of what an infinite identity crisis looks like, and I’m really excited about the artists/bands featured on these songs. I’m also working on a separate 30-minute short film called CONDiTiONER (with the director of this video Leo Ramos) to tie it all together when the album is out next summer.”

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