Bob Sweeney


moor mother challenges us all on “the myth hold weight”

October 21, 2019
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“Escape the drama!” is a phrase repeated in Moor Mother’s new song “The Myth Hold Weight” but Moor Mother’s music — which exists at the intersection of jazz, punk, noise, hip-hop, and spoken word poetry — is anything but escapist. Even when the track is as meditative as what King Britt provided on “The Myth Hold Weight,” the content is still confrontational.

This isn’t just a confrontation with external forces and the powers that be, it’s a confrontation with the fear within that tells us to give in rather than struggle. Moor Mother’s latest encapsulates the feeling of the realization that the only way out is to go all the way in.

Moor Mother’s new album Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes arrives on November 9th and is available for pre-order here.