hello yello push their boundaries on ‘my life as a teenage robot’

October 25, 2019

Each new release from Oakland alt-rock trio Hello Yello brings a new reason to be excited about what they’ve got going on. Their glorious marriage of grunge energy and neo-soul musicality is laid bare on their new release My Life As A Teenage Robot. Both tracks “Lifeguard” and “I Really Loved You” find the young trio pushing the boundaries of their polar sound. The lead track “Lifeguard” in particular stands out as a blast of harmonic noise and energy buoyed by the band’s way with a hook. If “Lifeguard” is a rev up to go take on the world, “I Really Loved You” is an invitation to reflection. The swirling vocals and guitar set an introspective mood, contemplating everything that went wrong with a failed love. If you haven’t gotten on board with Hello Yello yet, My Life As A Teenage Robot is their purest distillation yet.