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garth. can do both on his playful and new intense ep

October 23, 2019
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Garth. is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer, and an overall experience. He hails from Laurel, MD. but we think his vocal cords are from the southern region of Heaven. Garth.’s EP Melt was just released last week. He describes it as “the love child of immense creative growth for me and my entire team.”

While it’s only been a year since his debut EP was released, Garth. Is feeding his audience well. This EP will be followed by a second half to be released in February called Our Father. It will feature a more R&B sound as opposed to Melt’s funky/upbeat sound. 

Garth. refuses to take credit for his EP alone, citing his band as a large part of the reason his music is successful. “In the year since my debut EP was released, I saw my live band coalesce into a supportive family and unwavering musical unit in the most heartwarming and natural way. Eager to release new music and bring the more fiery elements of my live show to my next recorded project, my band and I brought our collaborative rehearsal dynamic into the studio to shape music I was already in the process of writing and recording with longtime friend, producer and musical partner, Spencer H.  The result was a project that explores joy, insecurity, anger, and pain but still keeps things playful because I’m committed to being ignorant and I can’t shy away from a fat beat.”

Stream the entire EP below: