Adama Jalloh


fka twigs wants to go “home with you” in surreal new video

October 7, 2019
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Call FKA twigs anything, but don’t call her average. From the off-kilter brand of R&B to the elaborate stage performances, twigs elevates everything she does into a surreal form of high art — and, of course, her videos are no exception. As we lead up to her performance at the AFROPUNK Carnival of Consciousness in Atlanta this weekend — and prepare for the release of her sophomore album, MAGDALENE. on November 8th — twigs blesses us with the new single, “home with you,” and its fittingly bizarre visualization.

In the video, directed by twigs herself, we go from the nightclub where dancers strike curious poses, to a convertible and the most elegant dance routine in a moving car we’ve ever witnessed. As night becomes day the now all white-clad twigs arrives home to dance in the sun amongst clotheslines and then to metaphorically find herself. She cries “Mary Magdalene would never let her loved ones down,” on the song and like her, twigs has yet to disappoint the fans.