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afropunk soldier of the day: joshua miles

October 1, 2019

AFROPUNK ARMY is the central hub for volunteering, social justice, awareness and action. AP ARMY acts as a catalyst for social movements and organizations tackling critical issues dismantling our communities globally.

Name: Joshua Miles
Age: 31
Pronoun: He/him/his
City: Nanuet
Follow @: @jmilesnyc, @jescaulmej
3 hashtags that describe you: #determined, #fierce, #proud
Name one of your hidden talents or secret skills that no one would ever guess you had? I play classical piano.
What does AFROPUNK mean to you? To me, AFROPUNK is a space in which us members of the African diaspora can present ourselves as ourselves confidently and unapologetically.
What does #WESEEYOU mean to you? #WESEEYOU means that you see me — the REAL me, the me that hides behind the mask of conformism that our people were taught to wear to survive.
What was your last revolutionary act? My last revolutionary act was my decision to focus my energy towards activism for Black and brown LGBT youth.
What or who do you fight for? Why? I fight for the kid that thinks that they are alone. I want them to know that we see them and we are here for them when others surrounding them are saying they are not enough because of who they are or who they choose to love. I fight for them because I was them not long ago.
When Mercury is in reggaeton, how do you protect your peace? I do crystal work. I also make sure I don’t make any significant decisions while it’s in retrograde.
What does being unapologetically Black mean to you? Living in my truth as a Black gay man without regard to whom my existence might offend.
Describe your journey with AFROPUNK. How have you used AP as a microphone for your passions, interests and/or service? AFROPUNK has been a conversation starter for me. Whenever I mentioned to others that I volunteered for the AFROPUNK festival for my birthday weekend, they would ask probing questions about what it is and it creates a space for meaningful dialogue.