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afropunk atl: bites&beats, chebutterjonez

October 8, 2019
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After watching your favorite artist play, or catching your breath after an extreme mosh pit workout, your next move is to probably nourish your body. Our Bites&Beats market is where you’ll find all your dietary options. We interviewed some of our fave eateries that will be at AFROPUNK Atlanta this year. Get your wallets ready!

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Malik Rhasaan. I’m from South Jamaica, Queens.

Describe what you do and what type of cuisine you specialize in?
I play with salt, pepper, and fire. I specialize in Ratchet.

When was your, ‘I gotta turn this into a business’ moment?
There were many moments. I would cook for people, and they would always say you should open a restaurant. I enjoy cooking for people. You can learn a lot while breaking bread with people. The business didn’t really become a reality until I put the deposit down on the truck. Past conversations became my reality.

Define success.
Success for me in this business revolves around smiles. If my customer is happy while eating my food, or happy to come and get it, I’ve accomplished a goal in this business. Money is definitely necessary, but it’s not how I define success. Success is patient… it takes a minute.

What should fest-goers try on your menu?
The Sh!t Slambing! That’s our Smashed Lamb Burger. If you try anything else first you playing yourself! 😀 Start there and work your way out.