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viral sensations: zack fox

September 16, 2019

You may recognize them from a meme saved in your camera roll or their content shared on your timeline. This month, we’re highlighting some of our fave viral sensations killing it on social media. These are the Black creatives breaking, curating, and shaping viral culture today.

Name: Zack Fox
Pronouns: He/him
Follow: @zackfox

How do you describe what you do?
I do stand-up comedy, writing, visual art, and sometimes I make music but mostly I watch old cartoons while my girl spoons me.

How has life changed since you’ve gone viral?
Uhhhhhhhhhh quite a lot, I’ve accomplished a lot in a very short time, but Lil Jon said he was a fan and that’s all that actually matters.

Do you think fame is fragile?
Absolutely, the world is a fickle place. Fame is cool but I think it’s way more rewarding to focus on growing regardless of how much attention you have and making sure the people around you get to enjoy the benefits of your access as much as you do. I love getting free shit though, please keep sending me free shit.

What advice would you give to a young Black creative, that you wish you were given while on the come up?
Focus on relationships, you’re gonna need help and you’ll be called to help and it’s way more important to nurture that aspect of your career than aiming at working with big corporations as soon as you can. Be good to people, every industry talks and if you’re being a dick it won’t get you far for long.

What’s the emotional charge you get from posting your content and watching it go viral?
Not sure, but I try to keep the internet at an arms length so I can focus on other things nowadays, too much scrolling can make you feel so hopeless, post your thing and go play with a cat or something.


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consider this my endorsement for Bernie Sanders

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