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September 3, 2019

You may recognize them from a meme saved in your camera roll or their content shared on your timeline. This month, we’re highlighting some of our fave viral sensations killing it on social media. These are the Black creatives breaking, curating, and shaping viral culture today.

Name: Michaela Jones
Pronouns: She/her
Follow @: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook
Star sign: Gemini

How do you describe what you do?
I’m an influencer. I entertain, I lead and I love.

How has life changed since you’ve gone viral? 
Drastically! Emotionally and physically. Nothing’s the same for the better and worst at times. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else though, God has favored me and I have to give thanks.

Do you think fame is fragile?
Of course!

Do you feel like your content has been copied by mainstream influencers or social platforms?
Man, hell yeah ! Everybody is like me, but they can’t compare me to anybody. Some of the bigger people tell me they’ve BEEN watching me and how I inspire them. Ian mad though, I’m just happy my hair is growing and my edges are slowly, but surely, appearing after all that gel from the ponytail.

What advice would you give to a young Black creative, that you wish you were given while on the come up? 
It’s okay to be ugly.

What’s the emotional charge you get from posting your content and watching it go viral? 
I’m used to it now. Makes me happy still but it’s expected.


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