Jessica Lehman


troi irons’ “lost angels” is an anthem for outcasts everywhere

September 12, 2019

There are few artists out there as skilled with a pop hook and a left hook as Troi Irons. The alt-rock singer-songwriter’s been carving out a name for herself as a beacon for the outcasts, and with her newest video, she’s crafted a perfect anthem for those of us who never quite fit in. “If you’re always on your own / You don’t ever feel at home / You just might be one of us,” she sings over the song’s massive chorus. The song has a drive that calls back to the mid-90s in the best ways, while Irons spells out her struggles in the music industry in the verses. The song’s message is clear though: if the system has no room for you, make your own damn system. Play this one loud, friends.