Mel D. Cole


pink siifu knows that “black woman is god”

September 24, 2019

The nomadic rapper, singer, and producer, Pink Siifu has carved out a niche for himself in the world of independent hip-hop by making soulful, deeply poetic lo-fi music. He raps about family and lovers, emotions and Blackness, enveloping the listener in a warm, signature combination of stripped-down, sample-based beats and free-associative lyrics. Rather than be shocking or abrasive, Siifu’s music comforts and embraces.

His latest full-length solo album, ensley, was one of 2018’s best releases, and now that the project is finally seeing a vinyl pressing, he has released a video for the “two-sided” single, “skin made of gold” and “black woman is god.” The accompanying two-part video, directed by Renaissance Francis and Seymour Coleslaw, gives the sun-bathed sounds of the song and skit equally warm visuals. We get Siifu on film, musing about Black life and expressing a reverence for Black women too seldom heard in hip-hop. The second half of the video brings the “black woman is god” voicemail skit from his album to life, with a Black woman in a swimming pool basking in the sun, leaving a disgruntled message for Siifu because every goddess deserves some attention and adoration.