premiere: kamauu’s “ivy” invites us to be vulnerable

September 27, 2019

The color green symbolizes growth. It calls to mind flourishing plant life and chlorophyll-rich leaves fed by fertile soil and healthy roots. It’s fitting that KAMAUU’s latest installment of his EP series is titled,  TheKAMAUU-CASSETTE: MíXD GRēēNS; over the past few years we’ve seen him creatively blossom into an artist whose work can alternately convey the urgency of the times and the tenderness of loving relationships, whether expressed through rhymes, spoken poetry, or song.

Today we get another look at KAMAUU in his element, with the premiere of the simple yet striking visuals for “ivy” from …MíXD GRēēNS. In the video, we see KAMAUU as the earnest lover singing “you’re a part of me/ don’t you part from me” to a lover. He stands alone clothed in robes and beads looking like a monk or guru who is singing to the object of his devotion.

“‘ivy’ is like a grown-up sequel to ‘jusfayu’, a song about unrequited love,” KAMAUU explains. “But this time at the end of a turbulent relationship, when things become wounded and shriveled, like ‘a raisin in the sun.’ In the video, the director, Child, and I sought to make a visual representation of the nakedness and vulnerability that come with that experience.”

With “ivy” KAMAUU invites us all to all take off our collective cool and be as vulnerable as he is.

KAMAUU is currently on the road with BJ The Chicago Kid – check for dates of The 1123 Tour.