emicida + ibeyi = no discussion, favela on top

September 19, 2019
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After surprising the Brazilian audience with the inspiring single “AmarElo,” Emicida is back in action – and he’s not messing around. And this time, he’s joined by the twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz (aka the Franco-Cuban duo, Ibeyi) on this new powerful track. “Libre” is a call for the right to be able to live, resist and love in your own way. The song has an amazing flow with hints of Brazilian funk, and is a great opportunity to be political while twerk.

“Starting with the idea that the same word can mean many things in different languages, we took the binding capacity of music and put our power to build something much larger,” says Emicida.

This song is an experience that transcends languages and geography. In the lyrics, the trio plays with the Portuguese word “nós” – one of the rapper’s mottos is “a rua é noiz” (we are the hoods). In English, the pronunciation of the word “noiz” is understood as noise.If ever a music video had a moment, it is right now.

“’Libre’ is a way to scream freedom, to say that we are free, beautiful, strong, elegant and we smells really good, you know what I mean?” Emicida summarizes.

Se o gueto acorda, o resto que se foda!