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andré 3000 just might have a new album completed

September 17, 2019
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Spilling all the tea, U-N-I veteran Thurz told the gang at Real 92.3 LA that he was in-the-know about André 3000’s happenings — including his current project. Calling back to recent studio sessions with Anderson .Paak, “Three Stacks came up in there.” Oh? “He got an album.”

But before fans lose their minds completely, the West Coast rapper backpedaled ever-so-slightly stating, “He played a lot of ideas that sound like an album to me so I’m just jumping to conclusions,” he said. “He played a lot of cool ideas…yeah, he’s making music. He’s like one of my favorite rappers.” Messy.

Still, album or not, you’re literally more likely to hear 3K playing the flute on a sidewalk or at the airport than any project the rapper has yet to announce. But for now, you can catch Mr. Benjamin on AMC’s series Dispatched From Elsewhere, which is set to premiere…soon? It’s unclear which role André will play, but the show follows a “group of people who stumble onto a peculiar puzzle that hides behind everyday life and discover an ever-deepening mystery.”