Tim Saccenti


velvet negroni got pop appeal on ‘kurt kobain’ video

August 13, 2019

With his new album NEON BROWN seeing release later this month, shape-shifting Minnesota singer and producer Jeremy Nutzman, a.k.a. Velvet Negroni, releases the video for his latest single “KURT KOBAIN.”

Filmed in black and white in the wilderness, a reflective 3M-material-clad Nutzman sings while riding in the back of a Toyota pick-up truck, running through the night with a drink in hand, and dancing — including managing to hit a surprisingly smooth moonwalk. The staccato phrasing in his verses are the perfect accompaniment to the track’s sparse electro-pop production, making it an instant earworm.

The low-budget, low light, Kron-directed visual is barebones but effective. And watching Nutzman’s energetic performance it becomes clear that this artist who has carved out a niche for himself in the world of alt-R&B and indie rock as a Bon Iver collaborator, might just be a pop star after all.