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uniiqu3: an afropunk dj mix

August 9, 2019
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UNIIQU3’s done this before, a few times now, but it’s never not special when the queen of Jersey Club brings her bounce to Commodore Barry Park — or to any AFROPUNK gathering. Sweat accumulates, smiles get broader, shit pops just a bit more precisely.

In celebration of her 2019 appearance at the festival — and at the crazy AFROPUNK After Dark presents: PBNJ (that’s “Philly Baltimore New Jersey”) party at The Sultan Room on Sunday, August 25th where she’ll be one of the a few DJ luminaries making asses shake — UNIIQU3 made us a mix. And answered some questions. Enjoy!

What is some of the music that’s on the mix? Why is it there?

I like to tell take my audience on a journey and give them a experience. On this mix is a blend of Jersey Club, House, GQOM, Baile Funk, Hip-Hop and Ballroom. It’s the soundtrack that fuels the underground out here on the East Coast.

How did you first get into DJ’ing, and who are some of your DJing influences?

I got into DJing when I was graduating high school. I’d always be at local parties owning the dance floor, but I noticed there was a lack of women. I asked my male peers for help and most of them showed support but it wasn’t easy. I later got into production so I could get more bookings, I was doing local events, and raves in NYC. I gathered some talented ladies in my area to create a team and we became unstoppable. After making a name for myself in the Tri-State, I wanted to grow and see how far I could take my talents. Teaming up with females I admired in dance music like, TT the Artist, Venus X and Nina Las Vegas, exposed me to a whole new world. I started traveling overseas to the UK and Europe and then after that to Australia, Mexico, then Asia. My first tour was in 2016 and I have no plans on slowing down. I really want to see what other barriers I can break. My music is all about confidence and having fun. My influences are powerful women like Missy Elliott and Miss Lady Kier. Other influences are The Icon, Janet Jackson, and The Club Queen, DJ K-Swift, along with my experience spreading Jersey Club around the world.

What kind of music are you gonna play at AFROPUNK this year? 

I’m going play a wide range of high energy dance music. I also have some dancers to fully give the audience what I’d like to call “a UNIIQU3 experience.” My set is going to make you feel confident, sweaty and close to those you’ve attended the festival with.

Outside of performing, anything you are most looking forward to at AFROPUNK Brooklyn?

I’m really looking forward to experiencing everyone’s energy. Festivals are so turnt up ! I know everyone will be on one. I’m also looking forward to seeing Jill Scott, Ho99o9, GoldLink and Rico Nasty.

What does the phrase “We See You” mean to you?

To me “We See You” means you’re thriving, shining so hard that you’re presence is felt beyond where you’re physically present, and people see that.

Come bang with UNIIQU3 at AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2019, or at AFROPUNK After Dark.