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‘the proud family’ to return with new episodes

August 20, 2019
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Blessed be! Disney Channel’s animated series, The Proud Family, is being resurrected just in time for the Streaming Wars. Actor Tommy Davidson, voice of dad, Oscar Proud, announced that Penny and the rest of the Prouds are returning to TV (is it still right to call it that?) through Disney’s highly anticipated, new streaming platform, Disney+.

“I forgot to tell you that, The Proud Family is coming back. Proud Family’s coming back,” Davidson told Where Is the Buzz. “It’s on one of Disney’s streaming [services]. Yeah, Proud Family’s coming back. They told me not to tell you […] New episodes.” LOL, good job.

Created by Bruce W. Smith, The Proud Family made its debut on the Disney Channel in 2001, with new episodes airing until 2005, and ended with The Proud Family Movie. One of very few animated series centered around a Black family, The Proud Family was in regular rotation for many of us back then and probably will be again when new episodes drop.

Disney+ is slated to launch November 12, but Disney has yet to confirm The Proud Family’s return.