tde’s sir lets his ‘hair down’ in new video with kendrick lamar

August 8, 2019

TDE crooner SiR is back with a new song and an accompanying visual to herald his upcoming album that features a guest verse from TDE’s top gun, Kendrick Lamar. “Hair Down” is the kind of mellow bop we’ve come to expect from “West$ide Boi” SiR — an ode to smoking weed, success and, well, himself, that toes the line between cavalier and romantic. In the video, we see SiR as star player going from locker room interview to smoking with a homie and some women in a Sprinter to literally floating through the palm-tree lined streets of L.A. in a hovering classic Chevy Malibu.

Kendrick Lamar’s appearances in the video are much less pronounced — as we only see his hooded rapper delivering his verse from a distance and in reflections (mirrors, water). Maybe K-Dot didn’t really show up for the shoot or maybe this is his way of staying on the low, either way, keeping Kendrick obscured allows the Inglewood singer to remain the foreground and Kendrick at least somewhat scarce while not in the midst of an album promo cycle. Vibe out to the video below. Sir’s new project, Chasing Summer drops on August 30.