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justin timberlake rides lizzo’s coattails

August 17, 2019
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You know, what I think about it…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Justin Timberlake around a fat woman, let alone enthusiastically working with a fat woman to make music. But, now, with Lizzo becoming a household name and cultural phenomenon breaking new ground left and right, here ‘ol JT comes. And while Lizzo certainly deserves to work with all the important/notable figures that she wants to, does Justin Timberlake deserve it?

Hell f*ckin’ nah. But now that ya girl is hot AF and changing the culture, white boy Timberlake wants him a piece. As Lainey Gossip said this morning and with which I agree, this suuure looks like the flimsiest attempt to stay relevant.

And by “this” I mean the Instagram post Timberlake made last night teasing some studio time he had with Meek Mill and Queen Lizzo, adding the caption “Lizzo flames, brb” and “Song so sick @meekmill catching a 🥶.” Sigh.


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Lizzo flames, brb

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What’s so annoying about JT to me is that not only has he been very successful at “lightly” appropriating “Black music” as a blue-eyed soul singer, but that he’s best remembered by a lot of us as the man who threw LEGEND Janet Jackson under the bus after 2004’s Super Bowl XXXVIII performance. You know, when he pulled out her titty and then let her take the fall for the botched performance, years later going on to return to the Super Bowl Half-Time show while Jackson remained effectively banned. Yeah, that shit. As far as I’m concerned, JT has a history of exploiting Black people and culture for his own benefit.

For the record, it’s not even that I’m not cool with white people doing “Black music” when they do that shit real well. Shit, I went to see Hall & Oates for my college graduation gift. What’s so irksome about JT is how unapologetic and frankly confused he acts each time he’s called out for his whiteness. So, that, coupled with — what I believe is a PR move in collaborating with Lizzo, just rubs the wrong way.

Lizzo been poppin’ for years…now you’re all about her, when you’re not? Typical.