'b.b. free' by BOOM! Studios


‘b.b. free’ series is a love letter to queer kids everywhere

August 20, 2019
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b.b. free is the new original comic series by writer Gabby Rivera (America) and artist Royal A. Dunlap (Die Hibi Die, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and, man, does it look fabulous. Set in a world overwhelmed by “the Plague That Ate Greed,” a disease that wiped out the wealthy Haves with natural disasters creates chaos everywhere else. Centered around a young b.b. free who lives with her dad in the Florida Islands, making her contact with the world extremely limited apart from the radio show she broadcasts from the island. It isn’t long before b.b. comes across a secret that threatens to tear apart her close-knit family. In comes the Swamp Team.

b.b. free is the trippy wild adventure road trip I always wanted to go on as a kid, with a post-climate-change America twist,” Rivera said. “Chubby, nerdy, teen me daydreamed about heading out into the world with a super cool best friend and doing whatever we wanted. Usually on motorcycles, with magical powers, and no parents to mess with our fun. With b.b. free, I get to do all that and more, with one of the best artists on the planet, Royal Dunlap. b.b. free is a bouncy love letter to queer kids everywhere, especially the chubby Puerto Rican ones.”

b.b. free will be published by BOOM! Studios this November.