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afropunk bk: spinthrift market, leimert park threads

August 17, 2019

Our merchants are the heart of the festival (besides the poppin’ bands and artists, of course). Each one has a particular story that makes their craft meaningful and unique. We interviewed some of our fave brands that will be at AFROPUNK Brooklyn this year. Get your wallets ready!

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Ashley Walker. Also known as Ashley Sky Walker in some states.

Describe what you do and what you sell.
I am a photographer and I own a clothing line called Leimert Park Threads. Our mission is to honor the beauty and history of colored people around the world through clothing. We use words, imagery and designs inspired by various cultures of color to create clothing that encourages conversation and social change.

What was the moment you decided: okay, I gotta turn this idea into a reality?
The moment I knew I needed to turn this idea into a reality was every time I was approached by a person of color asking where I got my hoodie, and even every dirty look. I’ve heard that to wear a hoodie with the word Colored on it is brave and even audacious. Those are the moments that inspired me to keep going.

Define success.
Success to me is creating the life you want to live. Success is a life where you can happily flourish and be you, and hopefully along the way inspire others to do the same.

What’s something fest-goers should check out at your booth?
For AFROPUNK Brooklyn, we were inspired by tribal culture and various cultures, ancient ancestors. Our repurposed vintage is accented with African fabrics and shells, handmade prints and sacred Native American trinkets from New Mexico.

We will also be selling some limited edition small batch t-shirts made exclusively for AFROPUNK Brooklyn. One design will feature Parliament Funkadelic’s Mothership photographed by Bruce Talamon. The second limited edition shirt will be with New Heritage Clothing for an exciting Afro-Futurism mash up!

Fest-goers should come to check out our classic Colored Reclamation shirts as well as new pieces. We hope to excite customers with a few cool remixes on archived favorites!

For more info on Leimert Park Threads, click here.

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