Florian Koenigsberger


afropunk mixtape #056: body poltics

August 5, 2019
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White supremacy, cis-hetero patriarchy, and capitalism are all systems that at their cores politicize bodies. For many of us, our bodies are politicized ten times before we even get out of bed. This month, we lift up the artists whose work explores body politics, from sexuality to police violence, from labor to colorism, and everything in between. AFROPUNK Mixtape #056 features songs from legends like Betty Davis, Angelo Moore, and Saul Williams, and rising stars like Rico Nasty and HXLT, and festival faves Unlocking the Truth.

01. Liza Colby Sound – Cool Hand
02. Rico Nasty – Time Flies
03. Interlude: The Grapevine, 2019
04. Ganser – Bad Form
05. HXLT – Anti-Special
06. Betty Davis – A Little Bit Hot Tonight
07. Interlude: The Grapevine, 2019
08. SHINGAI – Champion Styles
09. Yemi Alade – Bounce
10. Sampa the Great – OMG
11. Saul Williams – Before the War
12. Interlude: The Grapevine, 2019
13. Sistastrings – Her Name Was
14. Angelo Moore & Brand New Step – Open Your Mind!
15. Interlude: The Grapevine, 2019
16. Unlocking the Truth – Pretend

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